Sygate Firewall Certify Sify BBClient As Hijacker

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lol here's a funny thing I came across. I installed Sygate Personal Firewall yesterday to try it out and when I logged in using BBClient here's the message that was logged in my security logs--Application Hijacking has been detected
The application: C:\Program Files\Sify Broadband\BBClient.exe  try to launch another application: C:\Program Files\firefox.exe  to go to remote host[/b]

Here's the link to the screenshot--

So here's a certificate from Sygate (if we needed any) that this action of BBClient is inethical. I should email it to the Sify heads 😉
Sygate rules
i think its common.if u have sygate installed and when ever a program try to launch another popups a message saying application hijack.its not a big problem.bcz when the mediaplayer is launched by internet explorer sygate display same warning.where as both the applications r legal.but one awsome feature of sygate is it shows ip's of people who r trying to spoof,or hack our system.i use a tool to kill their connection.(which works only for lan) 😛
While Sygate might give unnecessary warnings in some instances, we know for a fact that the BBClient opens a browser when we haven't asked it to do so and takes us to their home page 😉.

And it's not a home-page hijack which is the opening of some website everytime you launch your web-browser when you haven't configured your web-browser to launch that website. This can be called an application hijack because it happens only when we login using the BBClient so the BBClient hijacks our browser.

As someone said quite a clever albeit unethical way to increase the number of visits to their web page and thus maybe hike their ad rates hehe.

i am not sure but if ur default browser is set to IE and u install the BB Client, i think it makes the homepage without asking u... i experienced that with one of the earlier versions.but i can be wrong. :\
It makes the homepage on IE even if IE is not your default browser.
Hmm. Never happened to me as far as I can remember.To be absolutely sure though I would need to make a clean install of BBClient though.