Tablet under 30,000?

Any specific requirement ?

The S6 Lite(supports SPen) by Samsung is a good choice. The Apple`s are great if you are into note-taking. You dont have many options in the tablet department like phones
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Consider looking into used tablets..

I am buying ipad 6th gen 128gb for 23k from OLX. (Bought another one ~8 months back with 1st gen pencil for 32k). Tab S6 lite is decent but people are asking for ~25-26k for a used one.. Not worth it when I can get ipad for a lower price..
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I got an S6 Lite recently for 22.7k from Samsung Shop online after Student/Corporate discount and HDFC instant cashback. You can also get a Samsung Buds+ for Rs 1999 when you buy an S6 Lite.

I found that a decent deal.

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I had bought an iPad Mini 5 last year for 35k. At the time, was also looking for sub-30K models, and the iPad 10.2 fits there. Though not sure if you're interested in the iPad OS system but I use an Android phone and keep the iPad - best of both worlds.
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Thank You everyone.
How is iPad gen 8 compared to s6 lite?
going to use it for at least 3 years.
Web browsing,note-taking,readin and watching videos will be main requirement.
There are unconfirmed reports from reputable sources that iPad 9th gen is releasing spring 2021. (Source 1 and Source 2)
Should I wait or go ahead with s6 lite/ipad 8th gen?
Not in hurry but I need tablet in April.
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If you are into organised Note-taking(like Subjects,chapters) go for an iPad . The Apple ecosystem has great apps for Note-taking like Notability/Goodnotes which the Samsung cannot offer . Getting Samsung is good if you are into general note taking and not a university student. The Apple`s smooth fluid feel and the connect with pencil(less latency) is much better than Samsung I feel.

The Tab S6 lite has a TFT display whereas the iPad 8th Gen will have a IPS display(bettery one)
The processor comparison Exynos 9611 vs A12 Bionic: tests and benchmarks . A12 Bionic wins here

Also to get a Apple pencil you have to shell out 10K extra other than the tab whereas its included in S6 lite
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