Taking new connection - Router Discussion


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Airtel Xstream Fiber (300Mbps)
Router : RPi-4B (OpenWrt), TP-Link A6 (AP)
Hello people, I am taking new connection of airtel xtsream fiber, they are giving sercomm router here, yes, the ugly looking one with only one LED.
The model number of the router is AOT-4221SR. Previously, I was using Huawei ont given by airtel and I must say QOS and the optimization is upto the mark. I want to know how this router performs in terms of maximum speed over 5Ghz( refer airtel broadband noida server on speedtest.net app) , Over 2.4Ghz, ping over wifi comparable to LAN or not, speed fluctuations, difference in loaded and unloaded latency(refer fast.com), heating issues, bridge mode etc.

Please write down your observations with this router.

Also, can I use huawei ont which I still have with me with this new connection at the place of sercomm router if it doesnt perform as good as huawei ont?
On talking to them, I have come to know they also have Nokia which coloured router which has two outside antennas. Users who have used it, please let me know which one should I choose?
You will need to confirm this with Airtel. If you are surrendering your old connection, then the Huawei is surrendered back to Airtel. In that case ask them that You want to use Huawei for new connection. I think it should be possible.
If your previous connection is redundant, you can try interchanging the routers.
Frankly, this is a first time case so only Airtel will be able to clear matters for you.
The Sercomm ONT is the absolute worst. I have been using it for the past ten days, and on 5-6 occasions, I have seen the DHCP server on this router misbehave.
The Nokia ONT is much better
Wow. You paid for it ?
You know that they charge ont rent per month which is already in monthly plan charges. If plan is of 999rs -that includes ont rent + internet charge