Tariff rates increased -_-

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Reliance 1mbps UL
Check out the rates of Mumbai. 999 Plan is gone, replaced by 1250 with contention ratio of 1:2
These b@stards increased the rates instead of doing the opposite.
Tariff Plans
hey man looks like AIR TEL is "looting" customers . i think MTNL has the best plans and gives most reliable connection but their customer service is bad , but u will hardly need them except in initial stages .............

capitalist india, customer choice matters.........
yes, they have abolished old plans.. but all the customer who r on old plans will continue on their existing plans with no change untill they themselves get their plans changed.
They have decreased the Modem rental cost and plan cost.. For example in my city Madurai, Tamil Nadu😛revious plan: HOME 999Plan charges: Rs.999Tax: 12.24%Modem Rental: Rs.99 (or) Rs.199Free Pulses: NilCall charges: Rs.1.10/pulseNow plan split-up:HOME 1275Plan charges: Rs.1275Tax: 12.24%Modem rental: Rs.49Free Pulses: Rs.300Call charges: Rs.1/pulseSo from this breakup we can clearly see that we are going to pay Rs.1275+156 = Rs.1431 per month for our 256kbps Unlimited connection.If u rent a modem u pay Rs.50 moreNow what we are paying is Rs.999+122 = Rs.1121 per month. If we make calls for Rs.300 then Rs.1421 and if we rent a modem we pay Rs. 1520. So what Airtel has launched is a good way to kill existing BSNL landlines and instead use Airtel landline telephones to make calls and use broadband in too.

I took Airtel only for their Broadband package and not for their Landline. Why are they forcing the 300 bucks worth of pulses down my throat ? This is a case of forcing people to fork out more money to use services they are not interested in. If i want to call someone they can bill me separately, as was the case earlier.
Well most of broadband fanatics like us want only Broadband from Airtel. But when we are forced to pay some Rs.1500 for n average 256kbps Unlimited then why not shift to TATA Indicom which offers 256kbps for Rs.999+Taxes... Or perhaps Reliance could come.. but again TRAI and Indian Broadband scenario will never change... I think Airtel wants all their customers to discontinue their service so that Mittal can say bubbye to Broadband services and invest his money in Walmart and DTH services...
Why not :Tata - heard too many horror stories about their customer servicesify - same as aboveReliance - Web based login and auto disconnectBSNL - too much paper work even for a plan change, no customer serviceHathway - they block all incoming ports and they engineers seem to believe that 70 percent promised speeds are good enoughAirtel still seems to be the better option, but now even they have caught up
Its a matter of choosing the best out of the worst ISP's... 🙂 Well as of now I'll stick with Airtel. If they gonna increase my bill then I'm off to BSNL.. no other choice... 😉