Tata ( Bye Bye) Indicom BroadBand

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This is the mail which i had sent them..

Tata Indicom is a internet service provider whose internet connection goes down every weekend.. ( goes for a week end trip I believe). And some times goes for a long leave. (Ya without informing his Mgr) a good example of QUALITY vs. QUANTITY

This is the internet service provider whim you should say TATA( bye bye) without inviting him to your house.

Hello �Tata� Indicom..

I don�t think It is required to address you saying Hello.. you don�t deserve it. But it will be an insult to my English teacher who had taught me how letter writings.

But I must tell you that sending mail and telling that internet connection is active you are wasting both my and your time..

Neither the internet connection is up nor was it up ever in last 12 days.

Please stop providing false information. Because I am in front of the computer and I am using a different internet service provider. Chk the route for this mail and you will know yourself ( But I have doubt on your technical ability too)

Please read the inline comments down...

----- Original Message -----

From: Customer Service

Date: Tuesday, August 8, 2006 11:01 am

Subject: RE: My Internet is down from 5 days

> Dear Sir,
> We take the opportunity to apologize for the inconvenience caused
> to you

Do you think by apologizing the valuable time I wasted will comeback ? I must apologize because I made a mistake taking your broadband internet connection. And bothering you too.. You should be happy no customer and no work situation. Is not it?

> - with regard to the various instances stated by you in your mail -
> all
> of which lead you to believe that services provided by us are to the
> contrary of what your expectations were.

There is no doubt.. I have 23 complains only on down time and in 3 months only for 32 days, internet was down for me. (23 and 32 .. good combination)

> We appreciate your concern in providing us your views on our service
> which is a valuable input for us to improvise on the way we function.
> We would like to emphasize on the fact that you are a valuable
> customer to us and request you to grant us an opportunity to serve
> you better.

Yes I agree I am a valuable customer because I pay for internet but don�t get the chance to use it. As a pre paid customer I have given the 6 months advance without even thinking about the Quality of service. You may also call me as IDIOT Customer .. as I deserve it.

> However with reference to your email, We trust the needful has
> been done
> regarding your concern and the issue regarding the no link has been
> resolved after the assistance provided by our Customer Service
> Executive.

Are you talking about me? I am Deepak Kumar Mishra and my user id is [email protected] , I have no idea if you have resolved the internet link down at your house .. but as per me .. NOW ALSO IT IS DOWN ..

> We would like to inform you that you will be getting a validity
> extension for no link days, we request you to revert if you require the
> same.

If I request then only you will provide me the extn in validity? WOW.. man your internet connection was, you should feel sorry and provide with extn in validity and compensate for my loss in business which you are the only responsible without me even asking you to do so...

You want me to request you for this also? It is my bad luck that i have paid you money in adv.

What about the phone bills ? I have called more than 800 mins to your Customer Service Executive ( do you think that was 15th Aug bonus from my side to you?)

As i had said a good example of QUALITY vs. QUANTITY lets see what people choose. I have already purchased my glass. It is now for the people to go for Desi Tharra or Champaign..

> It is our constant endeavor to serve our customers to their
> satisfaction. With all the credibility that every Tata product
> offers we
> can assure you, our best inputs to keep up with your expectations.

Yes I agree to this. Everyday you keep you connection down for a min of 24 Hrs. and I will call you. In this way you will get your customer inputs everyday.. Good idea. But trying with a wrong person.

> Thank you for your time and patience.

Oh ..I thought I have paid for internet service .. I never knew that you are not internet service provider but one org which checks peoples patience.

> For any further assistance, please feel free to contact Customer
> Servicehttp://www.tataindicombroadband.com/contactus.html
> [/URL] (the link
> containsthe location wise contact numbers) or mail us on
> [email protected] .
> Warm Regards,
> Swathi,
> Customer Service,
> TATA Indicom.
> -----Original Message-----
> From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]
> Sent: Monday, August 07, 2006 11:16 AM
> To: Customer Service
> Cc: [email protected]; [email protected]
> Subject: Re: My Internet is down from 5 days
> Hello ..
> Till today my internet is Down.. and i understand as as i am a pre
> paid costumer.. you dont even bother to look into this matter.
> I need Internet connection badly and if you are helpless in providing
> internet connection to me then please refund me the advance you had
> taken.
> I have no problem in going to some other internet service
> provider. I
> must say that you have a very poor quality of service and i am not at
> all happy with it.
> As i have already spoken to your customer care by calling the
> broadbandhelp line, they have no clue when the internet connection
> is going to be
> active. So i think i can not wait for any uncertain date. Also they
> have no clue what happened to the internet connection and why it is
> down. Because when i asked they could not tell me any thing regarding
> this.
> So I request you to to return me the money which I had paid while
> taking internet connection.
> Also when i talked to your customer care people they informed that for
> Prepaid customers money can not be returned at any cost. I must
> tell you
> I am a prepaid customer so i am asking you to return me the money.
> If i
> would have been a post paid customer, this situation would never have
> been arise.
> Please reply to this mail.
> I have spent more than Rs.800 on telephone calls. So I can not
> call help
> line any more.
> I am again reminding you that please return my money. Else I will
> have no
> option than taking help of consumer court.
> Regards
> Deepak Kumar Mishra

Mishra Deepak Kumar
+91 92431 98126
Yeah you go man. Nail them good and a revolution will be stirred for sure. 🙂
lol u wasted 800 well im so dumb to still been caling them past 3 months and my connection still doesnt works.As i am going to the consumer court for compensation it is only costing me rs 300 expenses totaly and i think that too ill get compensated.
QUOTE(zeda0 @ Aug 18 2006, 04:29 PM) [snapback]58938[/snapback]
lol u wasted 800 well im so dumb to still been caling them past 3 months and my connection still doesnt works.
As i am going to the consumer court for compensation it is only costing me rs 300 expenses totaly and i think that too ill get compensated.

Man Tell me .. I am also going to CC..
do you think if we file a case together will have any value? or separate is good?
Actually i have no idea about the CC...

let me know..
neway Thanks
Everyday in hindustan times(delhi edition) there is complaint regarding tata indicom broadband not working. I think you people should join against the corruptcy of Ratan Tata and call him to court like Anil Amabani has been ordered today to be present in Delhi Consumer Court.
I have similar issue with Tata Indicom and want to take the provider to consumer forum.If any one has done already please let me know the procedure and any outcome if you had.My previous mail to customer care is attached.Subject: Please refer to earlier mail.Following is list of complaints filed by me with your useless customer care, I do not have any good words to describe you pathetic service.257388- 29 Jul 2006271698 – 31 Jul 2006300500- 3 Aug 2006313988 – 5 Aug 2006336422 – 8 Aug 2006395192 – 16 Aug 2006406102 – 18 Aug 2006Who is going to pay my telephone bills to your call centre?I had bought a renewal pack on 27Jul 2006. VSNL Order Number 103411 Serial no.4963508Who is going to pay for Rs 421 for renewal pack.If I do not get response from your service provider, I am going to take this to consumer forum._____________________________________________From: K, Umesh Sent: Monday, July 31, 2006 3:51 PMTo: '[email protected]'Subject: Most unsatisfactory and harrasing response from Tata Broadband,To Whom It May Concern:Summary:I have registered for shifting of my broadband connection to different location. Basically from one apartment to another block.And also registered for the connection not working. Complaint number:Time and again calling to your useless call centre has only resulted in my wasting money and time. They do not have information either regarding whats happening or when the problem is going to be solved. This has been most unsatisfactory and worst response from a internet service providerYour helpline only comes with answer that they will come back in 24hrs which never seems to end.If you cannot provide the service you claim I think you shouldn’t be doing this business.I am proposing to cancel my broadband service and also filing for claims of refunding and harassment caused because of your service.

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