Tata Indicom 256 Ulimtd Good Enough ?

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Since My Area is not Feasible For AIRTEL i have decided To Go For Tata Indicom 256 Unlimted which is Rs 1200...i heard they Give Constant speeds of 32Kbps ...is this true ???also i was D-Link Router they supply is also Good..... true ??......I dont Want to Take Risk with Bsnl even thought its Cheaper...with the Quality OF customer & Kind Of Chinese Modems they Supply...is a Bit Scary.....Guys also point Wat things Should be taken Care While Taking the Connection...
First thing to take care Never take connection from TATA indicom 😛 Last thing to take care Never take connection from TATA indicom :lol:
Seriously saying as i had read in this and many forums the service of tata indicom broadband is not as good (also costly).If they are giving it via Dsl/Adsl well n good U could give it a try. Else/Otherwise through metro ethernetas they say it then this is same service as your cabelwallah provide with overhead wires coming from poles and pits to your house thus resulting in frequent downtime. Also in postpaid they levy late fee charges making it a costlier proposition. While Bsnl(minus the modem thing you said) is not a bad choice give it a try as downtime are missing there in these govt operators(i have mtnl so not totally sure on bsnl)
freinds! I paid for 5 months and guess what ? I subscribed for 256 kbps connection and tata gave me not even a 50 kbps connection..And to add to it when I tried to register a complain with the tata people to get my problem sorted ..the customer care people sitting in hyderabad greeted me with verbal abuses..and the tata indicom broadband manager of kolkata disconnected the phone on my face..telling me that he is out of town...So remember if you land up in problem with some connection problems with tata indicom connection...Get ready for verbal abuses and some misbehaviours..in the site they say "Experience super- fast Internet from Tata Indicom Broadband. High – speed Tata Indicom Broadband is brought to you by VSNL – the people who introduced Internet in India. Avail of great offers on broadband installation charges, services and more. With a wide range of content from movies, music to business services, no matter what your Internet needs, Tata Indicom Broadband has value-for money tariff plans for you. " they must add this lines..You will also get some verbal abuses and misbehaviour as part of their customer service"Guess TATA is becoming a LEADING SERVICE PROVIDER!!!God help their customers

please please u dont want to hear the trauma i faced when i was a tataindicom user i used to had 256k the speed was good like it used to connect at 190+ normaly but the thing is their network sucks like mostly everyday all times u wont find its connection working + when u call to complain to their call center service they make u wait with the busy tone for 30 min++(happened to me all the time i called to the customer service) well i didnt have to hear verbal abuses but i must say their customer services sucks.And finally u report the problem they'll say they will be sending an executive within 24 hrs but u wait 1 week 2 weeks 1 mnths probably ur conection expires and when u call them again those assholes say ur connection is expired thats why its not working lmao take my ass hehe.NEVER TAKE TATA IT SUCKS LIKE HELL trust me.
Cant find words to express my hatred for TATA Indicom broadband.I dont want to mention what all I have gone through in the last month or so with these nerds
Friends even i know how much i hv suffered at the hands of TATA . i was a tata customer for 3 months and out of those 3 months i was like not getting net for 25days in all. But right now TATAs services in our area are quite good.Its only after u get a good number of customers in ur area wen the service they provide becomes good.Right now the TATA nets spd is quite good at low packs of even 64kbps we guys can play CS at latencies of 20 or less even(Original CS), also web pages open quite faster as compared to using Sifys net of 256kbps even.
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