Tata Indicom Broadband: 4Mbps NU add-on status & reactivation

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Tata changed their MyAccount zone in mid-May and since then there's been no way to enable/disable the Night Unlimited add-on online, that I can see. Also, to check the status of NU, I have had to test it manually, by logging in for a few seconds, within the 9PM-9AM window, and then checking the usage logs. Does anyone on the 4Mbps or 2Mbps plans have recent experience with enabling or disabling NU?Thanks.
I have NU enabled on 4 mbps plan. I see that I have an option to disable NU on 'My Plan' page. But I am not going to try if it works 🙂Earlier in Jan 2010, NU was disabled as there was less than Rs. 299 balance on the day of reduction of NU amount. But I was able to reactivate it back. Since then I have always kept balance of more than Rs. 299 in my account near the reduction date.
I don't see it here. Maybe Pune customers have a different offeringsCan you post a screenshot of the NU option?Thanks
^^ I posted my earlier reply based on my memory. But now that I have actually logged in to verify it, it looks that the option has been removed.So you are right!
Yeah, they made some changes in mid-May, and that's when I noticed the disappearance. At that time, my validity was about to run out and I wasn't sure if this was simply a UI screw-up or if Tata was discontinuing the NU add-on. I called the regional nodal officer and a staff member assured me that NU was still available (she didn't have a clue about the UI thing). Similar thing is happening now. My validity is about to run out, and a few days ago, my NU got deactivated due to insufficient balance. So I wanted to be sure that I would be able to reactivate it once I recharge. I emailed Tata about the problem, and I got a stock/form reply about the NU add-on. Still, I'd like to be sure. There's no real accountability with large corporations, and TCISL, especially, doesn't have a Sterling reputation in this regard.
It seems they have added the NU option back for me!! :dance: Few days ago this option was not there. Following 2 screenshots verify that.

1) On 'My Plan' page

2) After clicking 'Change Plan' button

Can anybody else verify this if they also see this option? Also don't know what they show Rs. 299 at one page and Rs. 499 at other page as charges of NU. I get Rs. 499 charged nowadays.

i got the same problem ... using the same plan .. one of my frnd who is still using a 2 mbps connection is charged rs. 299 for night unlimited ... when i activated may night unlimited plan i was using the old 2 mbps connection .... but later on i upgraded to 4 mbps ... may be that is the reason ... why i am charged more to rs. 499 per month ...so the "tariff plan page" is showing the price when i activated the plan ... and may be the "tariff detail page" is showing the current rate ....what u say ??
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