Tata Indicom Broadband: Get your ports unblocked in Tata if u have a lan based conn

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I have a lan based connection, but its connected to my wireless router. What is the procedure for that?

Do the procedure on router settings page...
I am posting steps on how toget all your ports unblocked in your tata indicom connection if u have a lan based connection.

hie, i m following yr steps as follows, please see my commnets / questions in red text :[/COLOR]

1. Download an IP scanner, I suggest this.
[COLOR=\"Red\"] [tushar] - OK[/COLOR]

2. While having the 10.* default ip in your lan card scan the range to and wait for the scan to complete.
You should be getting reply's like this
To view only the alive ip's goto options and in ipscan tab uncheck show dead computers.
[COLOR=\"Red\"] [tushar] - OK[/COLOR]

4. Now enter an Ip +/-3 ip's from the one you get reply from in the ip scanner into your lan card, only change the ip, keep the subnet and gateway as it is(*.1).

[COLOR=\"Red\"][tushar] - i have got more than 100+ ip's in the scan results (akive only) Eg. If ip is shown in test results then does it mean i have to enter in my lan ip and ping defautly gateway ?[/COLOR]

5. Now ping your local 10.* gateway and check if you get a reply from the server.
[COLOR=\"Red\"] [tushar] - OK[/COLOR]

6. If you replies then well and good, all your ports will be unblocked in this ip range, if you dont then repeat the process for another ip from the list of ips in the scanner untill u get replies from the gateway..

[COLOR=\"Red\"][tushar] so that means, this has to be done for all the 100+ ip's i have got, right ?[/COLOR]

It worked of me and some other users also you can see here .

So in short you do this
1. ping 59.164/5 range
2. keep your ip +/-5 from the 59.* ip
3. retain your 10.xx gateway
4. check for replies

Let me know if you have any doubts or problems..
Frenz, I talked to Customer care and they replied me following:"Sir, your IP has been caped. Please avoid downloading for 10 days and then your port error problem will be solved"Is this the correct solution or the TATA CC guys doing Time pass. Give your reviews frenz.
Not getting what exactly needs to be done...they are blocking my steam updates also 🙁

hell0 buddy..i m from thane (kalyan)in or area some lan ports r blocked so is der n e solution to unblock it??also mention name of ip scanner u recommended......
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