Tata Sky DTH Notification Message Spam

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Is it just my imagination or have TS now started spamming like mad via their "yellow envelope" alerts which show up at the top of the screen and also a yellow light on the STB?

Really annoying ads for their active this and active that services (etc) that they keep announcing in there... will call their CC to complain but I doubt they'll give a rat's ass about it.

Do they actually Spam ? 😀 I dont think so. I get Alerts rarely. and yes they alert us abt Activ Services .. thats annoying 😛
They used to send me al the crap messages on my phone..1 day I called them and blasted them..they said..I wont receive any SMS"s going forward..coming to the spam via alerts..Yes sometimes its kind of annoying for me as well..specially when am watching a good movie..
YA they do spam a lot.Sometimes I get 5-6 alerts a day saying the same thing.and sometimes they send me blank alerts.:wall:
@shantam2005, 5to 6 alerts per day ? omg 😕.. i get a maximum of 4 to 5 alerts a week..

5to 6 alerts per day ? omg 😕.. i get a maximum of 4 to 5 alerts a week..
That is really irritating.As soon as I get to watch something interesting an update arrives.:frown:I am thinking of calling the CC soon.😉
Have been noticing this on dad's TV over the last couple of weeks. Every new and then, the yellow envelope message would appear on his TV indicating that there is an important notice in the message center. I would open it up and see that it is some promo message for some show or something. Super annoying. Was wondering if anyone else is noticing this as well.

It takes like 15 seconds for the message center to load. So every time I have to go through menus to READ the message to remove that yellow envelope icon from his TV screen. Crazy nonsense.
Yep they started this horse shit many months ago...

Initially only the yellow light on STB would come on twice a week and was bearable and could be ignored.

Few weeks ago they started also displaying the yellow envelope icon on the TV screen which was in your face obnoxious.

But now it has gone back to previous behaviour with only yellow light on stb being shown.

I had earlier called Cc to ask to be put on DND but they claimed no such option.

When they started this annoying envelope displaying I was considering complaining on consumers helpline or pgportal, but they reverted it for now.