Tata SKY+ New DVR STB split wide open (The inside with photos :)

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It'd be nice if you could upload a sample file. Or could you open the file in a hex editor and paste the first and last 100 KB of the file?
Hi! Great work.. I'm ordering four Tata Sky set top boxes tomm.. Three of them would be hd and one sd. All STBs are regular ones and can't record media. I was wondering whether I can make any hd STB access the home wifi network and stream movies on it via my PC (using it as the media server running either plex or xbmc). Is this possible?
Though i'll take the risk of doing this but then these instructions are for FTA only and i guess this requires a lot of time + warranty void

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Maybe I will try someday then.
Btw, I still didn't notice this guy saying anywhere that only fta videos can extracted.
I ordered the Tata Sky HDTRANSFER box and just to let you all know that it has now 1080p display as against the older HDPVR which were 1080i.