Tata Sky Throttling Torrents

Tata Sky Broadband
I have recently opted for 50 Mbps Tata Sky Broadband in Pimple Saudagar, Pune. Tata Sky seems to be throttling the torrent speeds. I tested this for the top seeding torrent links. I am hardly getting 600-700 kbps speed. I used to get 10-15 Mbps with local area broadband providers.

It does provide fairly good speed for YouTube and other site browsing. But to be frank, I use most of bandwidth on torrents downloading.

Anyone else facing this issue or is this specific to my area?
Well it can be throttling but you can test with ubuntu or any other legal software torrents and try.

It's going hardly upto 500 kb/s. For direct download it's going upto 5.5 Mb/s


But honestly, what's the use of all that speed if I can't torrent?
Feel like I should have opted for Airtel broadband.
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@Code9988, I haven't seen such improvement in speed after 5-10 mins. Highest speed I have seen is 700 kb/s, even after an hour or so.

Unfortunately, my society has not approved Airtel Xstream Broadband and as a tenant my hands are tied. I have no other option but to use Tata Sky Broadband.

Hope the performance improves in future, otherwise I'll be pushing for Airtel in our society meetings.
Just get a low cost VPN. Airtel high speed plans would probably still cost more.

Best would be to buy a cheap seedbox and https download completed torrents from it using your fav download managers. Try seedhost.eu
Anyone else facing this issue or is this specific to my area?
If by area you mean city then, no, I am not facing throttling issues with TSBB. The only issue that arises is the fact that they use CG-NAT and that causes problems with torrenting. Airtel provides public IPv4 in Pune and you have a choice of a static IPv4. With TSBB you can opt for a IPv6 address. This one will be public and cause no issues.