Tatasky Not Obliged To Carry All 32 Zee Channels

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New Delhi
In a significant judgment that will impact the entire DTH industry, TDSAT today ruled that Tata Sky is under no obligation to carry all the 32 channels that Zee Turner has on offer as a condition for carrying any of its channels.

The sector tribunal further ruled and the DTH player is well within its rights to demand only 19 channels out of the 32 in the Bouquets 1 and 2 offered by Zee.

Calling this an "explosive" decision, TataSky's legal experts asserted that this is a crushing defeat for Zee, which has been "trying to thrust all its channels on us".

The major issue of "must carry" has not been opined upon by the judges, as they made clear in their judgment, but legal circles here are abuzz over the implications that no broadcaster now can try to force a DTH player to take "all or none", and hence, the must carry contention, which had been one of major Zee's arguments, is not an obligation as per this decision.

Await a detailed report that follows...

Here is the source... http://www.indiantelevision.com/headlines/.../mar/mar398.php
So how many channels are Tata Sky obliged to carry?
They r asking for 19 channels only... But this ruling is significant cos now any DTH provider can pick and show channels which r more in demand rather then showing all of them.... Now we can hope tht Tata Sky will soon launch the package system and add better channels...
heh. they still dont allow me to pick just 3 channels from the entire star bouquet. star plus can go die/melt/burn in hell.
hehe. i don't give damn. but i love going through 100's of channels to just watch one channel 😛