td-w8970 where in india is it available?

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where in india is it available? i checked the price on international websites its around ~9k INR. i need this device. and this device according to newtechnology is only 4200 INR. where in india can i buy it from. no its not yet launched in chennai. and how much does it cost? because i got openwrt compiled and made ready to fire up this baby and rock and roll. but i am yet to get any info on where i can get this device to get my hands dirty.
this is such a cliche, TP-Link sites says jan 2013 and this is april near end and still not available in india. anyone with info let me know. thanks.
i am not willing/wishing to spend huge bucks for it. if newtechnology says 4200 then its 4200 max 5000 INR. not a penny more. let me know thanks.