Temporarily disconnecting Sify

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Okay, I don't have an issue at the moment but just want to be prepared.It is possible that my employer will send me abroad for a few months (possible, not that likely). I'll have the connection inactivated for that time and am planning to resume after coming back (I invested 2.5K in this, can't switch to MTNL just like that).When I took the connection, I specifially asked the CTO about this. They said it is a painless process, I don't have to pay any maintenance charges while I am away or reconnection charges - it'll be just what you do with the cable TV.Sify being sify, just wanted to check whether anyone has any horror stories to tell about this temporary deactivation.
no idea really. but if ur connection comes in the middle of a long chain of subscribers, i think there should not be any problem coz lan does not validate u sify's servers do. 🙂 though talk to him abt the service charge sh*t.
My friend disabled sify for 2 months and resumed later with no problems.