Thanks to CODE INJECTION , I am getting Someone else non-bill payment error

BSNL Fiber 750GB
Their system seems to be screwed beyond oblivion.

Because of their ad injection and what not i got a notification saying i had to pay SOMEONE ELSE 2668Rs balance


Once i land ,it shows

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-26 at 00.15.19.jpeg

This is highly insecure.

BSNL should try to spend some amount in their software and security.
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Same issue here as well but the amount is nil. I just got my connection on 16th April 😱. The pop-up is very frequent!!
@abbyck what wording did you use in your complaint message on pgportal? i mean what did you call this? "ad injection" or what? i want to also post on pgportal but want to make sure they understand my wording 😀


@vishalrao I specifically wrote as malware/adware injection into non-HTTPS websites, I got a call from the local BSNL office (details are in the above post) who said it would be forwarded to the next level (NIB?). Sometime after that, I stopped noticing the ad-injections, although I never got an update from BSNL 🤷‍♂️

I submitted the complaint through the BSNL online grievance form -
@vishalrao I did call it ad. injection on non https pages and listed 2-3 IP addresses from which they were injecting. Also explained it is not happening on any other network and are redirecting to fake java update/scam websites.
All in some 500 characters 😢

After a couple of days, I got a phone from District exchange and asked a couple of details. A couple of hours later got another call and they said that I've been added to DND list and received a written letter for the same through pgportal.

Never received any injections thereafter.
Yes, fair warning, you'd have a hard time submitting that form, doesn't allow commas, fullstops and the entire message should be less than 500 characters. 😑

You will end up spending more time to edit the details so that the form submits, than typing up the complaint. 😑
Yes, also if I remember, copy/paste is not allowed. Took a good time to figure out what characters are allowed and not allowed.

But finally, it worked.

Complained 3 times on pgportal for 3 different reasons (Yes, all to BSNL), never let me down 😅 😆