The Real Home 900 Deal Ul Plan


You think life's unfair cause the guy in the other block has a blue box which gives him the power of unlimited browsing from Airtel and you got bloody nothing cause.....lets just say that Airtel has so many broadband users that it has no interest in expanding its services as fast as you want it to be. Then...a ray of hope.Bsnl to the rescue.Introduces unlimited plans even to the people who cant spell AIRTEL.But last week i uncoverd the dirty skeleton BSNL was hiding in its dusty closets under its torn files.Picture this... I applied for Home 900 UL plan.I get a demand note for it with the following :1) Security Deposit- 984(Please do note that by law you cannot put tax on security and i have an extra 84 here and i have no frickin idea how it was calculated cause the service tax is calculated at 12.24% now. I am trying to get this rectified.) 2) Advance Rental - 9003) Service Tax Demand Notes - 99(This also here doesnt makes any sense.) Now many of you guyz who love the "simple life" and are a big fan of the "simple workings", would be brainstorming on why the heck is this dude puttin another 900 bucks in the bill.The advance rental is ok but why the heck is that security? The tariff said that advance rental was the why ????Well guyz time to taste the bitter pills.....this unexplained 900 security is a new addition from the Hyderabad Office Of BSNL. A total of 1983 Rs right off my pocket.....And oh yeah did i mention that i am going to get the bill at the end of my first month of use.So even the advance rental is just a jumbling of words.They will jab you with 900+900 as security and will jab you again with 900+ tax at the end of your very first month.So technically this is what i am "investing" in BSNL for life:Security deposit of my telephone - 800Security deposit for my broadband - 900+984=1884 A sum of 2684 of security straight in the pockets of BSNL guyz.And lets face it most of the Indian lines belong to BSNL and that security which we all paid for our telephones are as good as gone cause we aint gonna dump BSNL anytime soon.The same thing goes for BSNL broadband.When it goes unlimited...its there for life. And yeah....there is news for Home 900+ UL users also.Though you werent charged the extra 900 when your demand note was served but the BSNL guyz are urging the HQ to put it in your next bills.So dont be surprised if you get a 1800 + tax and other stuff included in your next bill.And since we are talin about aware of the fact of throttling or lower speeds.BSNL is binding phone lines and there is a chance speed might run slower the unlimited way......or might start runnin slow after a particular length of download is reached.Who Knows>?PS: Please do note that the above is what i went through when i was trying to get my 900 Ul plan in the Chandigarh Telephone Exchange.Experience Or Billing might be different in your areas.....but frankly i doubt it. Bsnl will stay the same everywhere.Cocky And STubborn.
yes that is true but that is for bsnl 900 plus plan. where u get another telephone line . so see u need to pay ur security deposit for the telephone that u are getting. that security is totally refundable. then there is another 900 rs for dataone one month secutiry depost and after than one month u see its clear.if u go for 900ul plan u will only have to pay the dataone security depost and the first month bill.thanks
But lonecrusader says he applied for a ul 900 plan not a ul 900 plus. And also it seems he already owns a bsnl land line. So then if that is the case then his telephone exchange is just conning him.
Well here is the update which will explain to you all how the BSNL is going to the dogs. I had a BSNL connection from July 2005 to 15 January 2006 on Home 500 Plan.Then i took a break cause frankly i was gettin iritated my wrong bills and my exams.Then i got a reconnection on Home 250[Trial] from 28th March and i am still usin it. Now some of you dudes might be aware of the term "DOTSOFT".Others of you who dont know what it is, its the computer software that BSNL uses to take care of their broadband wing. Yeah BSNL is still dependent on Artificial Intelligence to run its broadband mess and believe me it cant go much messey.This genius software interpreted my bsnl file in such a way that in the log it shows that my conection was never disconnected and i was still runnin on Home 500 plan in Jan,Feb and March.Somehow in a very screwed up and weired kinda way that Rs984/- mentioned before is the rental for those three months. Now this truth came out after i crimsoned badly runnin from Exchange to Exchange searchin for answers..cause there were no others who were gettin that so called"extra security"....and oh yeah i also forwarded a mail to the Headquartes in Hyderabad and they were stumped too until they found the glitch in the dumb software.The irony of the whole thing is that for the whole time until i forwarded that mail to HQ,all the bsnl employees were pushin me to accept the fact that 1800 was a security and i should pay it off as ASAP and if there was to be any adjustments they would do that afterwards. Now i really dont know wether BSNL has become smart enough to scam consumers or has gone desperate enough to sell its services that they has stopped checkin what the softwares are doin in their billings.Its hard to say cause both of these theories can fit. Anyhow i would like to apologise to any dude who went sprintin to his exchange after reading my previous post ,but hey thats what makes BSNL Indian....makin consumers jump through hoops.@vshs Dude the security is only 500 and not 984 for a new line in 900+ plan.
they asked for rs. 900/- as security and rs. 1800/- as advance rental for two months total rs.2700/- to change the plan from home 500 to plan home900 ul. the plan is supposed to change from 1st of june