The second hop of my trace route is an IP in Germany. Should I be worried?

Compulink India/Local ISP
Hi. I'm new here so please bear with me and I apologize for any mistakes in advance.

So I moved to a rather remote area about 6 years ago, in 2010. There were no wired Internet services, so I bought a Tata Photon + dongle. There was BSNL, but they say that they have "run out of connections" in my area. So, to the point: My local cable operator launched FTTH services about a month ago. I happily took the 15 GB at 4 Mbps plan (no FUP, that's the upper limit after which I lose internet access. I haven't been there yet, though), because Tata Photon was crap, and expensive af too.. But when I was getting bored, I ran a trace route to Google. I was surprised that it always showed the second hop as, first being, which is my router. I tried a couple of different sites, the second hop was always I ran a couple of WHOIS and IP Lookup tests, and got to know that it was in Germany. When I enter that into my browser, I'm presented with a login page which is the same as the one I get when I enter my own external IP in my browser. Also, my IP seems to be allotted to Compulink India, if it helps.

So, my concern is... am I being monitored? Man-in-the-middle?
Either your ISP is using wrong IP i.e. Instead of using private IP for local LAN - he is using public IP.

OR the IP whois database is wrong! (which is unlikely)
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or maybe the IP was reassigned to India and was previously assigned to Germany.
Try to ping the IP. How much latency are you getting? If it is really a germany IP you should be getting around 110-140ms.