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My computer generaly tells me that its usin 100% CPU. In that case i have to adjust priority settings for the programs etc.......its very rare wen its not usin CPU over 80%. I dont think my comp will be of ne use to u guys 😛
yeah... the problem occuring with me is that it eats up 300 meg ram as well. now i also run 10 other software and java based torrent client. all these already eat up 450 megs. i cant let it go to around 700megs considering i got only 512 megs of RAM 🙁
Yesterday only i formatted my computer. But even now it takes time for my msgs to appear. Like in this case.
there r mother boards wich doubles the thru-put of ur physical ram. check it out with ur vendor.

i got a single chip 512. so i already have an empty slot. i can go for the 1gb ram thingy... but am out of cash after i had to apply for a credit card against an FD... currently i am living on a loan from parents. 🙁