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Airtel Home 649 - 256kbps
Hello All !!!!!Thts it with MTNL (Mera Telephone Nahi Lagta) BB........Totally fed up with this crap......yeah speed is good.....but at least connection needs to be running in order to enjoy the speed.Its high time to switch to Airtel BB.....There's a plan in Airtel called "Home 699"....- Fully Unlimited.- Speed 128 kbps (This is the only worrying factor....half of TriB NU plan).Wht do u all say? Wht difference will it make other than the download speed, that is, from 32 kbps (which I usually get 27 kbps on avg) it will be 16 kbps.....Don think I will have to wait for the web pages to load while surfing.......its not tht slow 🙁 Coz as per the d/l speed goes.......I only d/l with this fully unlimited plan I can keep my broadband ON for 24hrs instead of the 00:00 hrs - 08:00 hrs.......wht say????If any other drawback do say......N yes.....whts the quickest way to cancel this crappy MTNL (Mera Telephone Nahi Lagta) BB....... 😛
trust me. you wont like surfing or downloading on airtel. you get patches of pure speeds. rest of the time u get like 80% of the speed. surfing is bad on airtel as you end up seeing download speeds of around 40% your connectivity. its good if you dont want to worry about how much you end up downloading. if you are going to calculate how many megs you get to download per minute... you are going to be disappointed.
i just say MTNL rocks!!!! 🙂 B) 😛according what sushubh has said, i would say that its better if you stick with MTNL. coz if you dont get speeds of 128K (what you are supposed to get), you are better off downloading at 256K during th night than getting lesser downloads during the whole day.
^^^ MTNL doesnt know what downtime is. 😛 😛seriously, MTNL never has downtimes. 🙂
the one thing we ignore is the electricity bill...pls always keep that in mind too...if u run ur PC for 24 hrs (which is quite unlikely) on 128 kbps u can download around...16 * 60 * 60 * 24 = 1.31 GB (if u get the full speed, which is very unlikely) now if u have MTNL NU running for the complete 8 hrs, u can download something like...32 * 60 * 60 * 8 = 900 MBnow see the difference u gonna get in ur electricity bill and i think u can decide which one is better for far as unlimited is concerned, i think MTNL would come up with it quite harm waiting till then...what do u say??? 🙂

@coolbuddy, Didn't MTNL just launch 256kbps unlimited for 1380 bucks or somethin in that range? Bad till Bones....i made the switch ur thinking abt makin now last month. Mixed experience so far. Speeds am getting with default IE downloader are mentioned in my connection info over to the left
25KB/s any time of the day on half that with 128kbs..quite reliablei'm surprised you are thinking of defecting from MTNL, got the impression that everyone here loved it.
The ones who love it are mostly from mumbai where the high frequency of golden hours have virtually made theirs an u/l connection 😛 They're a rare occurance in Delhi though.