This is madness.

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I didnt get it either. Someone please tell us!!

I take it that some of you out here still haven't seen the movie 300 till now.:O*SPOILERS*There is a scene in 300 where a Persian messenger is sent to Sparta(ancient City is southern Greece) to inform the King Leonidas that they would need to surrender to Xerxes(king of persian empire).During this scene Leonidas replies sarcastically to the persian messenger about the pride of the Spartan & also points his sword towards him.The messenger replies "Madman You're a madman" 'No man Greek or Persian threatens the messenger".Leonidas again replies with blunt words.The persian feels insulted & says "This is blasphemy,this is madness"After a while Leonidas lowers his sword,turns his back & says "Madness!"Then suddenly looks back at the messenger & yells out "This is Sparta" & kicks him in the chest sending him into a pit behind him.The above picture is the same humurous representation of this scene.It's been quite a rage since this movie actually came out.One of the most powerful scenes in the movie as well.Watch if for the love of good movies sake.It's better than Spiderman 3 that I can tell you for a fact.🙂
Something about a British accent with previous theatre work and you have the kind of delivery very few yanks can match cept maybe Samuel L J, L Fishburne, Kevin Spacey (if stretched) or J Nicholson etcThink Galdiator, tho Crowe is a kiwi, still, or even Rome.If you don't have the above qualifications, dont bother.
i cant see any image. 🙁try uploading it to some other site.