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I donno, but after i reply it takes kinda ages b4 my reply reflects in a topic.Is this coz of my internet connection or something really need attention ?
weird, my post comes on the post as soon as i press the add reply button. 😕 are u using quick reply or simple reply to the topic button?
I'm using ADD REPLY thingy.Beside this, at times when i click on "View New Posts" it gives me some error tellin me to login again.Like yesterday night, this thing kep happenin again n again n finally i gave up tellin myself it was enuff for a day.
Strange! I saved some cookies for this site long back and it never asked me to login again. I use FastReply by the way.I always visit this forum with a view new posts bookmark, I don't get login error.

@surjeett: prefer using a non-IE browser 😀 and prefer using fast reply. its the best way to respond, unless you want to quote someone before the latest reply.
lets see if u get any error when u click on "Next Newest" which is located atthe bottom of the page on right corner.I get error all the time when i click there.