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since many isps are not providing the required speed i am posting the regulation by TRAI about can take this up with your isp and then see the results.


Broadband’ is defined in the Broadband Policy 2004 as “An alwayson
data connection that is able to support interactive services including
Internet access and has the capability of the minimum download speed
of 256 kilo bits per second (kbps) to an individual subscriber from the
Point of Presence (POP) of the service provider intending to provide
Broadband service where multiple such individual Broadband
connections are aggregated and the subscriber is able to access these
interactive services including the Internet through this POP. The interactive services will exclude any services for which a separate
licence is specifically required, for example, real-time voice
transmission, except to the extent that it is presently permitted under
ISP licence with Internet Telephony”

many isps are not following this guidelines eg railwire(thier 256k and 512k plains violate norms and pacnet as for 400k they say min speed 100k)

to fight this in india is a uphill taks but if we work together we can solve this.

if you find any service violation contact trai

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it's notification as on 6th oct 2006!!! the link doesn't work anyway. thanks anyway.