Trai wants to improve the use of internet in india.. so..


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they are increasing the rates!!well.. dont ask me what sense it it in the news paper.. where trai, wanted to bring down the FDI from the current 100% to abt 70% as in the telecom sector. And to bring abt a fee for makin a new isp.apparantly.. they have set fees depending on what kinda player the company wants to become.. national level or state overall.. this would bring abt better quality, since not every tom dick n harry can create any isp.. but.. then.. the charges goes up cuz the isp's have to recover their liscence fee..the info i got was from the indian express.. maybe i will scan a copy of that article when i'm free..broadband in India is DOOMED!!
hopefully mtnl/bsnl wont.else on 1 side they talk abt giving free bb by 2009 and on other side will hike rates.
The country’s telecom watchdog also opposed free entry and suggested an entry fee of up to Rs 20 lakh and a uniform licence fee of 6 per cent of gross revenue. While ISPs seeking licence at the national level will have to pay Rs 20 lakh as entry fee, it will be Rs 10 lakh for state level ones. The minimum annual licence fee has been pegged at Rs 5,000 for district level ISPs, Rs 10,000 for the state level and Rs 50,000 for the national level.i think the news paper article had somethin in it.. will check again.. adding this fees wont help bringing the prices down for sure!
In a newspaper article carrying a similar story, they say that lowering the FDI will result in better competition. Can someone explain this ?
they just have to enforce the quality standards. get the companies to offer minimum of 80% of 256KBPS with minimal downtime. rest of the things would fix by itself. prevent operators from offering upto services.

maybe making quality more essential by having certain compulsory guidelines might help.. as for getting the broadband to the level of that used by the world.. i dont think the isp's should blast straight up to 2mbps.. maybe a slow and gradual doubling of speeds is needed..256kbps speed lines are give for free in greece with magazine subscriptions..its abt time atleast 64kbps (2gb limit) is made free,64kbps ul made 200bucks 128kbps made 350, 256 made 500 and 512 made abt 900 bucks..that would be a nice start to get broadband penetration to hit the rooftops..most starters would want bb at rates of say 300 with the rental for the modem them an option for something like this whereby they can probably experience the full power of the internet.. later on.. they could probably move up n choose faster n better plans..
Free! I think there sense of free would be 100 MB free & 50 calls free for a rent of Rs.250

hopefully mtnl/bsnl wont.

else on 1 side they talk abt giving free bb by 2009 and on other side will hike rates.