two acounts of sify in one pc

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hi i and my cosine are sify users
we have two accounts in sify
64 kbps my cosine use net onley
on sunday is there any way to
combine my account and my cosine
account in one pc and incrise the
speed of net and use 64+64 kbps

do any one know solution about this
plsee peplay me

yours soney
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nice post!!! 😀 sadly there's no way!!! 😛
if sify uses LAN with IP and MAC binding, then its tough.but its possible.hint: u need 2 LAN cards
Cosines, sines ,tangents,cotangents

yes hint is enough, he/she is on his/her own.
i have asked sify provider for thisthey said they will disable account loging with out mca or ip spasificationbut this also not worked
:hysterical: just forget it...and even if u follow what amish said, you'd need two network cables from the cable guy as well...and again you'd need two dialers...two dialers won't work together...even if they work, it won't dial if 2 LAN cards r i can't really think of any way u can achieve just forget it 😛
no i t can de donit can be donby enabling one lan card and open one accountand disable it and close sify dialler with out loging outnow do same to otherand it is don but i have to pull out my cosine lan card aand to keep in my system every time i want to usemy cosine account is opening with his lan card onleyin any system
lol u dont need 2 cables from cable guy.. switch is enough....and as i said earlier.. this can be done if sify gives LAN connection
btw its not cosine.. its cousin.. didnt u see ppl having fun here? loland yes nothing is impossible. u just need to think why only yourCOSINE's (sic) card works with his a/c and solve it!! good luck!!