Ubiquiti Security Gateway vs Edge Router, for PPPoE broadband (and other prosumer devices)

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Was looking to get to know some user experiences with these prosumer devices for home broadband use.
Both USG and ERX have pppoe function with much deeper controls compared to the usual wifi routers like TP-Link or Netgear.
Would love to know if anyone is using them at home and what setup you have. (Other wifi access points, switches for more lan ports, ad blocking etc). Would like to know if other brands also have such devices(Mikrotik etc).

I've been using the ERX since quite a while for load balancing (80:20) my two internet links. Has worked fine so far. I've also added a script which triggers an email whenever a link goes down.

For DNS level filtering I run PiHole on Raspberry Pi 4.
@Nishant are you using a switch as well, for more lan ports? How do you manage lan subnets? Is your pihole on the outermost lan or you have set a filtering rule to send all dns requests on the network to your pi ip?

I am currently using a TP-Link c2300 with a rpi3 running pihole.
There are two places for dns settings, on internet setup dns settings, it doesn't allow dns server to be on the same subnet as router.
But on the dhcp page, it allows my pi local ip.

The router seems to have a hardcoded dns setting, because whenever I use the speedtest page on the router, my pi doesn't get dns requests. Same happens when router checks for updates. For everything else on the network, my pi gets requests. The router itself doesn't use pihole.
Haven't used erx but have used Mikrotik products and they are pretty good in hardware but the best part is the routerOS. It takes time to get used to the os but once you do its great, a lot of customisation achievable. Hap ac2 and hex rb750g3 are some solid products in comparison to erx
From what I know on Ubiquiti products, if you need to do anything slightly complicated you have to dig into command line.

I haven't used Ubiquiti routers but from asking people about it this is what I found.

I currently have a Mikrotik RB750gR2 and while RouterOS is quite amazing, it does have a steep learning curve, it took me a few days to get most of the basics about routeros back when I got it in 2018 but there is quite a lot of things you can do with it and its not as command liney as Ubiquiti stuff.

I plan to go for OPNSense/PFSense next, I'll probably put my experience on here once it arrives.
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@JB700 are you running any switches or wifi points with that? how is the firewall/filtering controls?
@deezcnuts Mikrotik firewall/filtering is quite good, you can setup complex firewall rules, have certain ports/address go through certain gateways which afaik is much harder configure on Ubiquiti routers.

I use Ubiquiti AP AC Lite, amazing Access Point I have no complaints about it, Ubiquiti Access Points are amazing and very reliable.

I only have an 8 Port unmanaged switch on it, not a ton of devices on my network so even the RB750gr2 handles it perfectly fine.

I would suggest watching this channel videos for understanding Mikrotik better, its very good and is what I used to learn myself:

@anubhav11 how is the hap ac2 compared to routers in similar price range? and is easy to configure Mikrotik devices with each other like ubiquiti?
As @JB700 suggested routerOS does have a steep learning curve but lot of tutorials are available, so it shouldn't be a problem. Hap ac2, rb750g3 are pretty solid product or probably the best in their segment. My friend who is a lco uses mikrotik products that includes managed switch, gateway, firewall etc and he is very happy with their performance.