Unable to access my new CCTV setup on mobile

Airtel Xstream Fiber

I just got a new wireless CCTV setup with wireless NVR and installed it myself to a major extent. I was basically looking for easy wireless setup.

I was able to connect the 4 wireless cameras with the wireless NVR successfully and was able to see the cameras live on the connected TV via hdmi cable.

To access the cameras on mobile, I installed the Ezviz app, registered and tried to add the wireless NVR via the QR code scanner. It's detecting, and aski G if it's powered on and connected to router via lan cable butt finally not connecting. This is where I'm stuck now.

All the 4 wireless cameras are connected to the wireless nvr using the WiFi of nvr. They are in IP range 192.168.7.x series. I guess this is assigned by wireless nvr.

My router is in 192.168.68.y series. Is this an issue or should I have some thing called static IP for this wireless nvr to access cameras on the mobile anywhere or am I missing something here.


The above is the setup I bought. Hope its a better one.

Need inputs. Sorry for the long post.. Thanks in advance.