Unable to download .exe files. BSNL Teracom Router setting Problem(TDSL 300 W2)

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Port Blair
I am having a peculiar problem. I have got a BSNL Dataone Broadband Connection. The router with Wifi is Teracom Model No TDSL 300 W2. I am unable to download any kind of .exe files from the internet using any of the Browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome) and even IDM. However I am able to download other files like .pdf, .zip, etc. It is only .exe files that I am unable to download.Thereafter I connected my Laptop to the router through ethernet and the same problem. I am unable to download .exe files. However, the same laptop, when I connect to my office BSNL Broadband, iam able to download all files including .exe files.Thus it is not the problem of Laptop / Computer /Operating System/ Browser Settings.It has to be the problem of the Router. However, I am unable to find out the root cause. It could be some setting.Kindly somebody help me.Regardsknowme 73
Check your firewall and AV settings.