Unique Sim Swap

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I have two airtel sims one is tata docomo (3g sim)(90xxxx) and the other is airtel 4g sim(82xxxxx). I want to interchange the sim. Basically I mean I want tata docomo number(90xxxx) on airtel 4g sim and airtel sim number (82xxxxx) on tata docomo sim as I want to recharge a data pack in my sim but I came to know that 3g has been shutdown in Lucknow so I get only 2G coverage. Can anyboday try this and give me whether it happens or not?? I cannot try as if something happens to this number I cannot order cooking gas from it so I am in a big soup.
Do MNP for both and switch providers.
I think he wants a unique data pack which airtel only offers to old docomo customers. Right?
@igloo No I want to recharge 48rs 3gb per month plan I want it as a backup as during my class Vodafone Idea network which normally has full bars vanish and it says no coverage.
@Sushubh The Airtel 4g sim is a spare sim which I don’t use which Tata Docomo one is the sim I want to interchange the numberI cannot do sim swap as it is not registered in my name and the registered person is in another city so for upgrading my sim to 4g it is not possible to call him from that city to another city just for a sim swap.

If anyone has two spare sims can do check if both numbers are interchanged
since docomo was acquired by airtel, Technically both the sim are airtel, since you are still using the old sim, 4G is not working replace the sim to latest 4g, You can replace the sim from the nearby retailer. They charge u 25 for sim replacement. If there is any special tariff recharge for that no, It will also work on new replaced sim
You do not need to call or get help from the person who bought the sim or initially had that no, You need to just send the replacement sim no to airtel for activation, no cc interaction or verification is required
Nowadays they take live photo of sim owner after verifying his docs.