Unusual High Pings during day time

Airtel Fiber
My Pings get unusually high during day time and i really can't play any of the online Games properly due to this BS, playing Games aside the Internet itself is slow AF because of the Dropping and High Ping. This issue aside i am new to this Dynamic IP thing (or) whatever it is called, my Internet Disconnects twice during Night ( 12 AM - 4 AM ) and the IP changes during that time, I thought my IP only changes when i restart the Router cause i didn't take long for me that BSNL routing is Dirty AF and i had search about it on Internet and found out that restarting a few times will get me a Good IP resulting in Good Ping. So i want to know what why the Pings are getting High during Daytime ? I already asked about the Disconnects that are happening during night, my Internet Disconnects twice during Night ( 12 AM - 4 AM )and the Answer was there was nothing done in their Power and its all done out of their Range and cant do anything about it -.-

Edit : Below are Screenshots of Ping of SEA Server of PUBG PC, Google & Google DNS ( )
Sea Server Ping of PUBG PC :

Google & Google DNS Ping :
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Have you tried to rule out issues with your wireless router? Are you seeing the same pings even on a wired network?

Regarding the reconnections at night between 12-4, yes that's a known issue and happens with me as well. Although for me it's mostly between 12 to 2:30 AM.
I'm on a Wired Network and also do you mean to post the Traceroute Results when my connection is having Hiccups ?
1. Traceroute to a Game Server of "Kixeye", i have been playing their game from 7 Years so im 100% sure that their Connection doesnt have Hiccups
2. Traceroute to Twitter, watch the Graph. its so fluctuating up & down due to this Ping problem


here is a Traceroutes of same IP's above but this time it was done on a new BS IP which has like 270+ ms to SEA servers & Insane Ping to other Servers as well, but the Ping was stable all the time without any hiccups at all


the Pings are a bit high, but watch the Graph's this time they are Stable ! so i guess something is wrong in the Routing (or) certain HOP is causing issues in certain IP's that are routing through it ?
P.S. i thought BSNL Fiber would be nice to have to and i can finally Game (or) Surf the Internet in Peace -.-
I am also having high pings to many servers. Especially in singapore and new york servers .Pings are like 340 to singtel. Altough download speeds are good , the upload speeds to international servers are simply pathetic. it does not go above 4 mbps , sometimes upload does not happen at all i,e 0 mbps in speedtest app. Does anyone have this issue?
Yeah I am getting high ping right now too to SingTel...

Couple more results... better pings to US and EU