upload speed curbed, FLUCTUATION in speed

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Airtel 128kbps unlimited
hi everyone, I am posting here after a long time here.I have noticed that since last 15 days sify has put a new rule in place. before we could do a 256upload and 256download simultaneously on 256k but Now its download+upload=256. I found this when the speed fluctuated (12KB to 0KB) on running torrents. since i seed without any caps it became pathetic for a about a week. Then I noticed that when i cap the upload to 4KB the flucuation STOPED and a I got a steady 32KB of download speed.This is gonna seriously screw up my ratios (presently 2.1 )and i am soon gonna be banned from araditracker.If you too are facing the problem of FLUCTUATION then cap your upload speed.Alse uncheck 'resolve your IP' and uncheck DHT in utorrent and azureus.I am on 256 PURE UNLIMITED (1100 Rs pack)
hmm here it works fineAlso that tracker is not good its very slow for releases its better to quit then getting banned 😛
ohh u on 256 unlimited in tht case its upload is capped at 64kbps as they have mentioned .Also putting off DHT wont help to increase ur upload speeds its only disabld so that u dont upload data to other peers who r not part of the private community
hi,ok heres my problem and its more or less similar to wot mahesh1 faced...i was earlier using azureus with sify nighttime unlimited 256 with day cap of 150mb. My download speeds with this arrangement were anyway btwn 25-30kpbs.Now last nite i got sify pure unlimited 256kbps pack and downloaded azureus I was shocked!!! With everythin in green my speeds have droped (0.5kbps - 9kbps). No upload caps.Wotz wrong here - is it the new azureus at fault? or is it the issue of caping the upload speed to get better speed in azureus with the new sify pack?pls help! thnks.
well the pure unlimited pack has restricted its upload to 64kb so getting the normal dload speed of 30kbps by torrents is not so easy im afraid lol unless theres an alternative way of getting around that. personally i prefer my 150mb per day pack with night time unlimited coz the speed is very consistent.