upstream/downstream changed

i've had a bad fortnight with airtel. multiple complaints, multiple visits, having to put up with some really stupid suggestions. for example, visiting techs who seem to think that formatting a hard disk is an easy, uncomplicated, and surefire way of fixing windows-xp ka punga which screws up / slows down airtel. (because airtel is perfect and always gives good speeds, the issue _must_ be my two computers.)then there was one call centre clown who, on being told about a few hours of 'adsl link down' said, "sir, [why do they need to say "sir" twice in a sentence? doesn't anybody know how feudal that word is?], there's a small reset button at the back of your modem. press/use it, and the default settings will be installed."(testing him) "and what about the customized settings i've put into the modem? the port forwarding, for example? can you suggest how i might be able to save them, or make a backup?""sir, i don't know about that... i'll ask a technician to make a home visit."so, he doesn't know how to make a backup, yet he's suggesting i wipe my settings industry parlance, i'm told, people like this are affectionately known as "format engineers."anyway, coming to the point. anyone noticed a change in their upstream/downstream settings? mine were at 511/512 till yesterday... a 'ppp down' / outage later (today), the numbers have changed, to 864/864.maybe good times are coming up. "oo la la la la lo lay oh" and all that. if not (and since i get airtel's promised "minimum 64k guaranteed", not the 128 i pay for) i just might shift... but to who? exatt/xbroadband?
@testsubjectalpha there is no change in the synch speeds. For me its still 576/256. If ur having persistant problems insist on speaking directly with someone from the tech support team coz the 'dsl engineers' know absolutely nothing about computers and u will be wasting ur time arguing with them!!
(the text looks weird because i took a 1024x768 screenshot, after increasing font size in firefox, and then resizing the image to 80%)
Don't notice any diff here in BLR....don't u just love the way that ppl that post with probs *DONT* have where it is they are from in thier this a north problem, a south clue...they might as well piss against the wind..since no one here can help them.
it's funny, this forum, as a "space." previously active in the another room, composing posts pertaining to experiences regarding hotwire, i remember shifting to (this) airtel (room), and wondering "hmm... kabhi kidhar thay, ab idhar hain." etc etc. in other words... well, forget it.

maybe not beginning my posts with an "ASL" notification is... well, because of a perceived level of familiarity. some posters have been around a while, have mentioned often/previously what they "use" (no allusions to psychotropic substances ;-) - but then, the net can get addictive.) sushubh is at gurgaon, max in bombay, ultra_vires in delhi (not sure about this), and those are just few of the handles i remember.

of course, i write "ASL" as a gentle parody...

of all the school/college 'introductions' that are formulaic enough to begin with "hi, i'm so and so, from this and this place, and i studied such and such subject."

as a smile to all the orkut profiles where close friends write, in jest, "please make friendship with me."

but maybe mostly as a nudge and a wink to a thread on another room in, which discussed a delhi meetup sometime last year, wondering if any women frequented this forum.

("S" is taken care of, "A" can't be dealt with, but i'm saving up for "L")

i wish i'd had the foresight of crafting a handle so immediately meaningful as yours, blr_p :-( handles and nicks seem like a bad habit, an indulgence, narcissistic and mind-numbing at their worst. why? because, often, we locate ourselves (and our selves) in and with one handle/nick, keeping to that, for as long as possible. ok, not forever, but atleast until we have no other option. e.g. discovering that someone else stole the name, and being forced to choose something else.

mmmm suppose my is pradeep, and some clown registered that at gmail before me. i've known people to, in situations like this, click one of the five given radio buttons and been left with, say, an email address like "" henhneh. it's quite funny, and worse, the humour can't be broken to them.

maybe this phenomenon is part of a larger problem i.e. thinking dialectically (because resolving oneself from 'pradeep' (which is a name and not a handle) to 'pradeepster' is staying within the origin's paradigms...) ah, i wish i had the time, patience and detailed knowledge to explain dialectics (versus différance) and why i'm alluding so heavily to existentialism, but let's leave that for later. but those indiscretions are for other people...

coming back to "L"... blr_p, do you get double speeds at night? a friend on airtel256 in bangalore (don't know where exactly he stays, though :-( ) has neither received the shining letter/notification, nor the speed upgrade.

maybe, then, our problems (with airtel, that is) occur outside of a matrix of convenient conceptualizations that draw on "north" and "south." you know, you used 'north and south', and i'm trying to point out that there's far more to and within both 'north' and 'south' than immediately thinkable.

people posting here from delhi (which is where i am) haven't seen 864/864 in their router administration windows... i meant, in all honesty, to post it just as a head's up, nothing more. to continue the speculation. stoke some embers.

(blr_p, i don't know if you've reached this far. atleast one other person in this thread didn't seem read what i wrote too carefully.)

as for pissing in the wind... ;-) sometimes i wonder if even airtel can help me. there's just been one time when one of their people's technical knowledge has been really really good. the rest just recommend the boring old "clean your cookies / maybe you have virii / format your harddisk / reset your modem" i.e. crap.

so, delhi people --- to make it REALLY specific: south of aiims and north of safdarjung development area --- any suggestions on possible isp's to shift to? hathway? exatt? rukku cable? shanta cable? hotwire? i think i'll just have to wait, and pray for airtel to speed up the installation of their promised e1 (2mbit?) box in my locality.

"miao, pussycats", as a character on 'goodness gracious me' used to say...