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I'm a bsnl dataone customer. i got 500/- Rs PM scheme.my friends used my account @ their places for heavy downloads.please tell me if i'll be charged for this or what?did bsnl charge depending upon only account usage or did they also trace MAC address / ip address for billing?? please reply soon.
you will be charged, Only thing which you can do if you think your account details are STOLEN, inform the police, I dont think BSNL support can help you anyhow, leave alone helping they may not even understand what you are trying to say....
Definately u will be charged, Bkz BSNL always see only Download/Upload Size of user accounts (User name/Password). If u think that ur account are stolen then first u change ur password, after that if it not working then apply bsnl to change ur user name & password.i think this will solve ur problem
Your friend is a lucky brat ,he found someone like you.I think you never changed your default password xyz123 .......this is the same case here in our area, many novice user still has that default password.I had such friends and relative but my blood fu**ing honesty alerted them :angry: :angry: