Usage not logged??

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^ same here. 1st and 2nd usage not counted. 😀last month sessions show up for me.
Finally MTNL has recorded this months consumption starting today afternoon ................we should expect some shockers when the bill arrives.😡

now you got me scared !!!
Has my plan been changed from 849NU to Trib199?
should i take the risk and DL tonight or else...........😕
website is down as usual when its most needed.
heck i even just tried calling up the 1500 Aunty with the docket number they gave me on 1st June.Same afternoon i got a callback asking me whether i placed the request.
But never got third call saying its been officially changed

no one is picking up at that number in the dead of the night for me to verify😡
if its changed i will probably DL about 4GB tonight and get a shit load bill
if i dont DL tonight, I will lose 4Gb of DL 🙁

^ not downloading for 1 night and losing 4 gb of download wouldnt kill you.but paying for a massive bill would surely screw you. 😛better be safe than sorry.
What scares me is that they have removed the option of viewing last months details (yesterday), what if they update it now at a later stage and we have no way of checking aaarrgghhh 😡. they can put any figure on oour bill. And is down as of now. It's almost as if their motto is 'What we do, we do better' ie: screwup - in one word 🙂

^ same here. 1st and 2nd usage not counted. 😀
last month sessions show up for me.

Well guys my usage is still not been recorded fellas.
Kindly tell me what to do now buddies. :huh:
Yup they have removed the Last months Sessions Link
but you can still see it if you have DATAFOX:yahoo:

Boy if the update last months session I'm really screwed.

And the usage is still not recorded 😀

Whats this Cryptic stuff meant to mean??????????????(See screenshot above) d:\mtnljapp\service.txt (The device is not ready)

another thing is that i got a confirmation call from my exchange saying Plan has been changed from 849Nu to Trib200P
But online it still shows 8498NU.Is this page not real time anymore??????