USB Modem Configuration

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I bought new broadband connection from dataone. I have my own ZyXEL 630-11 prestige USB modem.

So i told bsnl that i would configure everything myself. But when i install software drivers for zyxel modem it asked for various option like PPPoA, PPPoE, RFC etc with VPN and VCN

I gave the option as PPPoE and 0 , 35 & LLC for those options.

At first my adsl link was not getting established . also modem seems to work properly. Even when i enter the username and password and click to connect

an error called "Opening port" occurs 🙁 . Actually the problem was dataone had not given DSL link to my phone line. Then after pushing them :angry: to get it done, Now i got the DSL link.

But even now same "opening port" error occurs. The DSL icon shows that i am connected at some ^@%$@xxxbps :huh: . When i R-clicked LAN properties it says 600 bytes sent but '0' bytes received.

so what to do now. 🤔

Hello friend,Were you able to configure ZyXEL with DataONE ? I also got one of this, and planning to setup with my dataONE. So thought will get some help from you, if it saves some time for me. Please explain the configuration details, if you were able to succeed.Thanks much,Sunil
The path of user guide for P630 GO through it .
click on product finder-----> under DSL CPE------>p 630 s

A page will open ,on right hand side download ----->userguide.
You will find answer of ur query

If U face any problem ,do post .
@gurnekWelcome to posted his problem on 31st january 2006@suns..... posted his problem on 1. august 2006.Presume both must have solved their problem by now after 25months and 18 months respectively,Anyway thanks for your information . It will be useful for any body else opening this thread for a solution. Just curious : How did you pick, this long forgotten thread ?May be you have this modem ? I too have this modem.
I search for ZyXEL Product n this thread was showned.i am working for Zyxel ,just replied for others ,using this product
@gurnek. Thank you very much. Your contribution will be most valuable for ZyXEL users, in this forum. Will remember. Kindly participate actively , and don't stick to zyxel subject only.