using conduit for drawing optical fibre for xlstream fibre connection

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Rama Venkat

long back I had airtel broadband connection. when the house was built a conduit runs to the room where computer is located, having copper wires running and from this outlet connected to my modem-router. Now Airtel is prepared to give me fibre connection to increase the speed. Do Airtel technicians have the technical know how to run the optical fiber THROUGH THIS CONDUIT instead of having wires running through doors and walls (making holes in the walls or windows) which I do not like
would depend upon the local guys which are outsourced from my understanding. if the conduits are free and easily allow wires to pass through them, i assume it should not be any problem. but expecting them to replace the old copper wiring through the house with fiber if the conduits are blocked might become a problem.
Yes if conduits are free from blockages, then they could use the existing copper cable to pull the fiber.