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I think there is no fun of using Download managers on DataOne connection as the download speed remains same as with or without it. Only advantage though using one is that download can be resumed. Am I right or is there any way to make downloads faster? I am using 256 Kbps 900 Plan. I get around 30-35 Kbps whether I use download manager or not. Any suggestions or tricks?
yes , your view is correct to some extent .

Resuming downloads is main function we require .
And we can download more files simultaneously thru
a downloading manager . And using a browser to
download huge files is not recommended .


By using a download manager we can split the
downloading job to a maximum of four parts
(if the website allows this) to get the best
speed of downloading . > 4 parts is not useful
Well, I use GigaGet and it doesn't increase my speed but makes it more stable and lets me resume downloads now and then.I get a speed of 17 - 32 kbps and with GigaGet I get 30-32 kbps.Saw more stable.
How can we split download ourseleves without using manager?[/b]
I made it clear - pls see my edited post above .

I forgot to add : we can schedule our downloads by
using a Manager . we need not sit before the computer
to download a series of files .
I use IDM to download linux iso filesIt's about 5-6 KBps without itand25-30 KBps using it...

best is flashget and IDM . it is virus,spy and ad free. get 150 kbps speed. even 256 kbps dw speed.
Hi Guyz,I do a lot of DownLoading ... Movies & Apps and other stuff. I use IDM frequently. And I get max 35 KB/sec. This is because I have 256 kbps @ 500/-.pranKster.
i use getright for all my downloads but my speeds doesn't change, either I download without getright or with getright. It remains mostly constant at 28 kBps.