Utstarcom Ut-300rtu Driver Download

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i have the same modem as you. post back here if you can't find it and i will upload it for you when i have some free time. 🙂
^ AFAIK , utstarcom modem/router drivers are difficult to find on the net . one has to register on its web site to request for the drivers . its better if the seeker could enquire for the driversin neighborhood / MTNL ...
why do u need drivers? connect thru LAN card unless u have used it for someother purpose.
unless he has some 3yr old machine...new machines already have iton motherboard. and anyway... now a days network card has almostbecome must.most ISPs need network card. even MTNL pplrecommend lan card as requirement even though its not necessary.

that isn't the topic of the thread. he needs a driver for his modem and could have any reason for not wanting to use the lan connection
well this forum is for helping ppl.he may not be knowing that it can work with lancard.the way he put question it seemed he needed it urgently.so i just suggested a way.
Here are the drivers. (I put them on link-removed.....hope you don't mind)


hey, i have the required drivers....but i don't think they allow you to post a link over here......i posted a reply earlier, which was either removed or didn't appear due to a bug.....i dunno y.....