Vi assigning Private ip address

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I am facing this issue from past 4 days. Internet is not working and when checking on all status option inside the settings interestingly enough I can see a private ip address(
Already raised a complaint about internet not working about 48 hours ago but Vi is shit still hasn't fixed the internet :/
Every single telecom provider assigns private IPv4 IP addresses. There are not enough public IP addresses available to assign to every mobile subscriber.

Your issue is definitely unrelated to the private IP address being assigned.
You are right I am noob :/ I switched to airtel and saw the ip address range was different, starting with so I thought that was the issue. When I searched on whois there was no info available for that Vi ip address so I came to this stupid conclusion... nevertheless I agree I am Newbie.
Now my issue has been fixed and I am getting same 10.xx.xx.xx ip range. I feel very idiotic for earlier post lol..