Vista Issues


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TriB 749NU @ 2 mbps
Guys, I installed Vista recently. I'm facing quite a many problems with this, but the most annoying one is that i'm unable to connect to internet through the bridge mode. I'm using MTNL Triband and DSL 502T modem. I've been using bridge mode without any problems in Win XP for a long time now, but in Vista, it just stops at "Registering your computer on the network." It won't go forward from here. The internet is connected for a while till that message appears on the screen (when connecting through the script) and it gets disconnected when the box is gone. I'm really annoyed by now and planning to not use Vista at all. Can someone pls help me??? :blink:
Vista. I never knew it's available in a final version ready for mass deployment.
have tried both...nothing works...remember i'm using bridge mode and that's what i need...