Vivo X60 - Vivo X60 Pro - Vivo X60 Pro Plus

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There can always be a OnePlus 9 pro max.
Vivo X60
8GB + 128GB – ₹37,990
12GB + 256GB – ₹41,990

Vivo X60 Pro
12GB + 256GB – ₹49,990

Vivo X60 Pro+
12GB + 256GB – ₹69,990
They could have increased the battery to atleast 4500 mAh or 5000 mAh to be ideal otherwise it is a great phone

This looks much better actually. My mom had one earlier and it was literally called funOS or cartoonOS or something and it was horrible. Plus the bootloader etc. is all locked so no developer support. You are at the mercy of Vivo for software updates.
We need a supreme phone, OP 9 Pro Max Supreme.

Jokes aside, I like the anti-reflective feature for Camera and overall the pics look great.
The OS on this is Funtouch OS and the latest iteration looks very close to stock Android.