vodafone bypassing dnd by giving silent messages

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this is unethicle market practices.Trai has said that any sms or telemarketer call on dnd phone is illegal so vodafone has circumvented this by starting silent messages which doesn't constitute as a sms.can anyone clarify about the meaning of sms from TRAI NDNC?.how to stop this?
i guess if you are subscribed to a service they are allowed to send you messages. 😛
You can disable that from hutch alive options somewhere in ur mobile .
i dont have hutch alive enabled.i cannot contact CC as whenever i call 111 the entire voice recodring goes in loop if i press 9(CC)
Thats does by Vodafone when u try to call them numerous times in a day. Kinda blocking. U need to email the CC and they will unblock your number.

yes option 9 is removed.. what i do is choose prepaid to postpaid migration and then select something which wud connect me to operator
In here whatever we do, we wont be able to get connected to the CC. The only available option is to dial the CC from another prepaid connection.
if you try to call more than 4-5 times a day (even if it get disconnected before you finish talking ), your option 9 will be removed. if 111 is disabled (9), then call the mobile number eg 9886098860 (in karnataka). sometimes option may be removed only from one number (111). i had the same option and i called and shouted using 9886098860. they will ask you "to which number you dialed" anyways......... i have switched from vodafone to BSNL after 6-7 years of usage..... so kinda happy now !!