Vodafone done away with incoming validity? It is not showing anymore.

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MTNL Mumbai BB_600 @12mbps

Normally I recharge my "spare / extra" vodafone number for 28days validity.

After recharge, on dialing *111# it will show Ougoing validity date. (OG vldty XX-Aug-2020

But after 28 days validity - outgoing calls can not be made. But incoming calls continue for another 7 days.

And on dialing *111# it would show Incoming validity date. (IC vldty XX-Aug-2020)

But this time, my outgoing validity has expired, and it is showing (UL vldty 31-03-2021)

I have no idea what UL validity is - probably SIM validity before it expires.

Anyway my question is, has Vodafone done away with concept of INCOMING validity?

I would not be surprised if they did so, in order to retain subscribers (they are losing millions a month)

Will my mobile continue to receive incoming calls if I do not recharge? Or number will get deactivated if I do not recharge?

Anyone has an idea?

PS: @Sushubh please move to Vodafone Idea forum if necessary. I believe Vodafone mobile and idea mobile forums should be put in closed state. i.e one can read but one can not be post in them. And note on top to post under Vodafone Idea forum instead.
I guess to survive they need to follow different path than blindly follow airtel.
I can see Rs.98 recharge with 12GB with 28days validity in my idea sim but same is missing from Airtel sim options.
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@amish I don't think they will go away with the incoming validity as due to this a lot of people atleast recharge on their number.
People are going due to pathetic services they provide, the third class integration they have done on their network. I have idea sim and I have to use dns changer as the latency is above 100ms and sometimes the net doesn't work even when mobile data is switched on. Even the viability to continue their telecom business is also a main factor. So many people port due to the above mentioned factors.
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I have not recharged my fathers secondary sim(Vodafone) for more than a year now. I dont even care to call on that number but the number is active and every now & then.... they give some data...... activate outgoing(VoLTE).
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Today incoming calls stopped without any SMS or notification.

So I had to do a recharge.

In short concept of incoming validity still exists just that they removed mentioning it when you dial *111#
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Hi Amish. I am facing the same problem. What amount did you recharge. At present any recharge I do is getting rejected

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