WAN light - Default gateway - Speed throttling - all seem related | Syrotech ONU on BSNL FTTH

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Hi all!
I've encountered a strange issue on my new BSNL FTTH connection.

After every 24 hrs. (Apparently, end of IP lease time from BSNL), the WAN light on my ONU goes off. On the status page, WAN state is Up. In other words, it does not affect my connectivity.

However, I have noticed that the speed of my connection is throttled to ~50% (~30Mbps on a 60 Mbps connection), once this happens.

On logging into the ONU settings page, I have noticed that the Default Gateway checkbox gets unchecked in the Internet profile, while that in the VOIP profile gets checked. In other words, Default gateway cannot be checked in both.

I have to manually check it back in the Internet profile, and uncheck it in the VOIP profile. Once I do so, the speed gets restored. Note that the WAN light still doesn't come on after doing this.

Please help! It is very annoying to be doing this every 24 hrs.

Looking forward, especially to @varkey @sloj @Nikhil Sharma

Thanks in advance!

Device model: SY-GPON-1110-WADONT
Hardware Version: V1.3
Firmware Version: V2.0.19-200818

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There can only be one default gateway. It's the gateway through which packets flow through by default to get to other networks.

Strange that Internet profile gateway is getting unchecked. This is likely a bug in the firmware.

What are the PPP Types available in the UI? Also, what is the ONT Model number?
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I'm not sure exactly why its getting throttled. My guess is all the traffic is going through VOIP Interface maybe?

What are the PPP Types available in the UI? Also, what is the ONT Model number?
I got similar one from Excitel initally before going for dumb ONU. It's kind of a mess.

Did BSNL give you the ONT? What did it cost?

Here, connections are provided through LCO. However, i bought the ONU from a local distributor, because the LCO didn't have the dual band variant.
Cost me 3200 bucks.
@JB701 did you just delete your reply?

Anyway, i wanted to do exactly that. However, the local vendor informed me that the dumb onu wasn't compatible with bsnl here. Don't know why. I wasn't aware of Syrotech's shittiness at that time.

In addition, i don't want to go through the hassle of re-registering and authenticating a new onu with the lco. Getting the connection itself was such a pain.
I thought you needed VOIP so thats why I deleted.

I think your vendor might be lying to get more money. Dumb Syrotech ONUs do work on BSNL as far as I know.

What you can do is, put the syrotech onu you have in bridge mode and get a separate router.

Also, someone else here might have a solution for the throttling issue.