Want to buy a trimmer/shaver in lockdown

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Wahl 9243-4724 Home Cut Complete Hair Cutting Clipper

So I don't want to visit our local Barbour for next 1-2 years due to this crisis and need a trimmer+shaver to look decent ASAPšŸ˜‚. Which one do you folks recommend?.

What are the parameters should I be looking at while buying a trimmer+shaver?. Anyone have prior experience with Beard, Body & Head Trimmer ?.

If the experience turns good, I might stop visiting Barbour forever!.
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How will you manage your head hair? Or you will go clean shaven look?
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Hmm.. 1600 rupees is not bad for it. Is it good? Because I was searching for one, and I found one which costs Rs. 4300 and I don't want to spend that kind of money on a hair clipper.
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I was looking at this but originally the price was 3699 now it's usually MRP or slightly less. Then I started looking at hair clippers & found 2 brands Wahl & Andis both US companies but probably made in China. I am not sure about warranty for these two. I need it for my head hair as I have a Philips 3 head shaver with a trimmer attachment for moustache & sidelocks. Maybe 2 people will use so it should be washable & can be disinfected.
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