Wat Plan Should He Choose ?

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i am Going For a Bsnl Connection as Airtel is not My area,Wat Plan Should i Go For ?900 ul or 900 Plusi need Unlimited usage....which Cheaper ?... i dont need any Free Calls on the Phone ..main Intention is BroadbandWat is the Intial amount i Should Pay for the Modem & connection ??Help Out Guys
^ I'd suggest to take 900 plus unlimited .
you may have to pay Rs. 900/- as security deposit
plus other deposits .
Security Deposit and Installation charges as applicable
for Local/STD/ISD shall be taken from new customers.[/b]
see : http://bsnl.co.in/service/dataone_tariff.htm
thnx for the Feedback BroWat total i must pay for installation ...?also Do torrents & Mirc work OK ??....is there any port blocking ?
^ if you already own a BSNL phone at home then
you may have to pay Rs 1800/- in the begining .
I donot know the exact payment required for
the installation .

Torrents and MIRC work without much problems .
There is no port blocking at the present .
Two to Four types of modems might be available with BSNL Local
Exchange depending on the demand . you can purchase any one
from BSNL or Local Market . If wish to take modem on rent from
BSNL then there may not be any choice.

so can we buy the Modem from the Market...??if we have our own Modem We pay :Security Deposit (refundable*) : 500Monthly Rental : 900right ?
^ yes , you can buy a good ADSL Modem from Market .And the Initial payment could be Rs. 900 + 500 as you've given .