weird internet problem - BSNL 625 plan

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Hi all, I've been facing a weird internet problem. I can open sites like google, warez-bb fine without any problems, but when I try to open any blogs, Hotmail, turbobit (I'm not sure what category of sites) I'm simply thrown a server not found error. Sometimes if I keep on hitting F5(refresh) for 30 seconds or even more than that, pages load fine, sometimes only a text version opens without any images, sometimes they won't open at all. I'm totally frustrated with this problem. I've tried firefox, chrome, IE even booted ubuntu and tried opening them. The problem remains same. I don't think this is a virus or some kind of malware because as I said I've already tried browsing in Linux as well. I think it is a problem with my ISP (BSNL India). I've contacted few of my friends with same ISP and they seem to open all sites without any issues. Any ideas or any pointers to solve this problem would be helpful.
Did u try changing the DNS servers??