What are good options for backing up important mails?

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I have lost few yahoo emails. Some completely lost and for some I'd all emails were deleted because I didn't used them for a long time.

Depending completely on Gmail doesn't feel quite right, specially you can never get an answer from Google.

And Google wants a lot of 2fa sometimes, it's for security but even with right password Google sometimes would lock your account if you login from a new IP and don't have access to some 2fa.

Using offline emails clients with Gmail also doesn't work very well because extra security and email clients is considered by Google as low security.

Running own server for emails is not a feasible option. But something like forwarding all important stuff could work?

What do you guys think?
email deliverability can be an issue on self hosted email. you would need to keep a constant eye on whether the ip hasn't gotten into any of the block list and getting them removed from google and microsoft to enable deliverability can get annoying. if you need a backup email service, best to look at players with good reputation like protonmail or fastmail.

even outlook paid mail is a good option. i set it up for a contact recently. you pay around 170 rupees per month for 50GB email box with your own domain and 1TB OneDrive is included!
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I thought I had deleted my Yahoo account. I logged in yesterday and got an empty inbox.

How the hell is Yahoo providing 1TB mailbox 😂
If you don't login for 1-2 years something they will delete all your emails.

Only good thing is even for lost email id (completely blocked by yahoo), they cannot be reused. I mean why they would do that (take away your email) 😑


And I am thinking about forwarding all important emails to a custom domain selfhosted or paid like ms365 business back up email or something. How else we can backup our emails?

It's a little scary how many things are tied to our mobile no and emails.
Get normal office 365 from a group purchase. Auto forward all mails from Gmail to that outlook account perhaps to maintain a proper junk full backup 🤷🏼
To never lose an email ID, I recommend having a domain along with the following open source solution (that requires a server)...

To backup emails, running our own server (only to receive e-mails) is an option. It is far easier to run such a server than a full-fledged email server. Another option is the paid email service (such as from Google, Microsoft, etc). My archive only email service is with Google. Office 365 would work equally well too.