What happens to bundled Hotstar Premium and Amazon Prime after one year on BSNL Broadband?

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Hello! I am using BSNL Broadband plan of superstar 300GB+ and under that I had activated my free Hotstar premium and Amazon Prime membership for free last year in October. Since it is going to get over this year in a week or so. I would like to know will BSNL provide me that services again for free again or I will be paid for these services in my bill? If I have to pay for that I need to cancel these free services for free. How would I have to do that in BSNL? Please HELP!
Amazon prime - Will not charged in bill. Need to renew your membership on your own. Not sure of Hotstar
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As far as I remember it was written 999rs will be charged from next year in bill for Amazon prime.
Tell me how to cancel BSNL offer for Hotstar premium? I don't use hotstar so I don't want to pay 1499 for annual fees.
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I am using DSL broadband from last year when the offer was Amazon prime and Hotstar premium subscription was for anyone who use 649+ruppes plans. But from this year April the offer was closed for activating. Hotstar premium was started and that too for Superstar plan users, luckily I was also using superstar 300 plan already before.
I am pretty sure using Superstar 300 GB plan just to went to activate my hotstar premium through new link (started from April 2020) and it shown this:

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Hotstar would be included for free as long as you are on Superstar 300 plan, it is not limited to a year. Also BSNL has stopped the Amazon Prime offer, so you'll not be charged and would not get renewed. @doctorjain
I called customer care and he said I will be billed for Amazon Prime membership. Are you sure I will not be charged.

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Superstar 300 plan is still an active plan and you don't need to worry about. One of the selling points of the Superstar 300 plan is that Hotstar Premium is bundled with it, and if you look at the Hotstar account details, you'd see that the plan is on a monthly basis. There will not be any charges for Hotstar if you continue to be on Superstar 300 and if you change to another plan, it gets de-activated automatically.

Also, please see related thread about Amazon Prime - Deactivating amazon prime subscription to avoid auto renewal? | BSNL Broadband

You can try the old opt out url, but as I said, they have stopped the offer itself, so you shouldn't be charged - https://portal3.bsnl.in/myportal/AmazonOptOut.jsp
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Thanks varkey. This means Amazon will not be renewed by BSNL at all. I need to do that through amazon if I wanted to.
For Hotstar premium. I am worried since I don't use hotstar at all. I activated my hotstar premium in October 2019 and will be over this October. I tried to activate through this new link BSNL CUSTOMER CARE
and it shown no proposed plan found for this number.
I wish there would be a link to opt out hotstar premium.
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@doctorjain I think there is a mis-understanding regarding Hotstar. It was not activated for a year, the link you referred to was basically to change your plan itself, and not really to activate Hotstar.

Hotstar is bundled for free with Superstar 300 as long as you are on that plan. There is no yearly or any sort of charge. 😅

@Sudarshan61 You don't have to do anything, it is activated by default. Just login to Hotstar with the registered mobile number, you should see Hotstar premium.
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