What happens to new BSNL Bharat Fiber broadband plans after December 29?

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What is the point of migrating to these plans? I called customer care, they said after 29th december, you will be shifted back to old plan or 777 50mbps 500 gb if new connection
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It's pretty clear that's not going to happen. Jio would keep expanding availability. And bsnl would have no choice but to keep these plans. Wired broadband prices are not going up for a few years. Until jio kills all the small and mid sized operators.
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for those who opted for these new plans, what will happen after 90days (Dec 29) ?? Will they moved to other plans ? Like they did for 777plan to 849 plan. ?? Any ideas ?
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From my previous experience those who opted the new plans within the promotional time period can continue the plans.

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