What if I Change my IP?

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Hi Friends,Was just wondering what will happen if I manage to change the dynamic ip that is given by the bsnl when we connect.suppose i manage to get a proxy in between and hence get my ip as something like 213.139.23.xx(this an ip in China).Will BSNL be able to track the traffic anymore?anyone has ever tried or any idea about this?Sandy
Bsnl Server >> Dynamic IP >> Proxy >> Your PCIf you download something it will anyhow route through Dynamic IP whether you use proxy or notProxy only help you to download pirated stuff and do hacking .. coz the sites which you will hack .. will log your proxy ip not dynamic ipnjoy 😉
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But if u r trying some popular proxies , u'll b forced to down things @ slow speed coz many use the same list of proxies. Try some less popular proxies. And link-removed never works with proxies. Even it gets thru, the download rate will b very slow.Go for proxies only for browsing. I dont think proxy is a gud method while downloading unless u get a hi speed proxy with less traffic.
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